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About the company

Sailing Eldorado B.V. is a young enterprise   which has the focus to offer aventures sailing holidays on the new ship "Eldorado", which will sail from April 2008 in the warm area's of the world.

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About the company.


Sailing Eldorado B.V. is a young Dutch enterprise, which has been started by two enthusiastic entrepreneurs in April 2006. From a dream to start up an international charter company, they took the change and started to for fill their dreams. From that moment interesting events happened in their lives. They met the right people and found a beautiful ship with a great hull which will be the base for the new company. The company is being lead by 2 persons: Harro Dijkstra and Jan van Klaveren.


Sailing is not a unknown activity for both the entepreneurs. Both have the required diploma's and have experience with sailing on different sailing vessels. Motivated by the beautiful life which belongs with sailing, these two persons desire to share the virtues with their fellow human being. They offer their personal qualities, nautical knowledge in your service, to give you an unforgettable experience, where you play the main role.


To prepare the Eldorado for her first journey, both gentlemen (and their wife's) put in their full attention to get the Eldorado in it's best condition. You will see the joy that they experience building the Eldorado back on the ship itself. And it will be noticeable during the trips through the most beautiful area's of the world.


Sailing Eldorado B.V. is specialised in training on and in the water. The company stands for quality, joy and relaxation. Traditional sailing with modern values. What does this mean for you? You will sail on a new, modern sailing vessel with all facilities on board. You can expect you will feel at home on the Eldorado and you will be able to relax, and if you desire, some physical exercise. Respect and appreciation are important for the entrepreneurs and are the base of a healthy company and a good atmosphere onboard, which is all for you benefit.


At last but not least is safety and professionalism an important item for a unforgettable holiday. Both entrepreneurs are aware about this and will see to it than that no concessions are done about the safety. The safety will be checked and approved by an acknowledged company, which will assure you that you have a wonderful journey.

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