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Sailing Eldorado B.V. is a young enterprise   which has the focus to offer aventures sailing holidays on the new ship "Eldorado", which will sail from April 2008 in the warm area's of the world.

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Welcome at the website of Sailing Eldorado.


Sailing Eldorado B.V. is a young enterprise, which has been started by two enthusiastic entrepreneurs in April 2006. From a dream to start-up an charter company, they took the change and started to for fill their dreams. From that moment interesting events happened in their lives....


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  • What does the ship look like?


Since the ship is being build at this right moment, we cannot show you pictures about how the ship is going to look like.

But we can take you with us showing you building our dream. For some months, we are busy preparing the ship for the remodelling and have started with the remodelling. Click on the link underneath to read what is happening on the Eldorado. Also you can click directly on the link "Photo's" in the top of the screen, so see the latest developments.


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  • Your input is appreciated


Sailing Eldorado appreciates the opinion of her guests. That's why it is possible for us to include the wishes of our future guests during the build phase of the ship and during the sailing trips. For us it is important that our guests feel at home at the Eldorado, so if you have ideas or special wishes, which would improve Eldorado, we would love to hear from you. If possible, we will integrate these suggestions the the sailing vessel Eldorado.


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